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18 December 2012 @ 07:24 am
Supernatural Fic - While You Were Sleeping | Warehouse 13 Fic - Chairs  
Title: While You Were Sleeping
Author: Ragna (scandalbaby)
Rating: PG-13
Fandom(s): Supernatural
Characters: Sam Winchester/Ruby 2.0
Summary: Ruby had to admit Sam looked pretty damn good, and when he was sound asleep she could explore to her heart's content.
Author's Notes: Written for yourebossy at Tumblr, who wanted navel appreciation. I saw one of her ships was Sam/Ruby so I went for it. I sent it in her askbox but a pat was missing, so here's the complete story.


She had to admit, Sam had a great body. Demons weren't supposed to care, but Ruby had always admired great physical specimens. Sam was something else, though. What she liked best was watching him sleep. Since it was just the two of them he never put his shirt back on when they were done, and she'd stay awake and watch him sleep. Demons didn't need sleep, not when they could run their vessels into the ground. Every night she'd wait for him to toss and turn, for the blanket to slip lower and lower. She'd stare at his perfectly flat stomach, his washboard abs, and the trail of hair running down his midsection to the area still covered by the blanket.

The first time, he woke up when she did that she just moved her hands lower and pulled his attention away by doing something *much* more interesting. So she started to wait until he was in a deeper sleep, when the tossing would slow and his chest would rise and fall in a fluid easy motion. Then she would explore and trace to her cold dead heart's delight. Sometimes, if she didn't think he would wake up, she would dance her fingers across his skin, following the trail just to the edge of the blanket, then slipping back up to trace his navel. It was his navel that fascinated her. For some reason her eyes were drawn there, and she let her fingers follow her eyes.

Their last time together...somehow, she knew before they made it to the bed that there would be no more after tonight. There had been a shift in things, and the agents of Heaven were going to make their move and make it soon. So the last time she did what she wanted, forcing him on his back. She trailed her lips down his chest and made her way lower, pressing her lips to his navel. When she looked up and saw just how aroused he was, she grinned. If this really was going to be their last time together before the proverbial Hell broke loose, then she was going to make it count. She was going to make it something to remember, that if he was ever with anyone else he would remember this night and think of her in a way that wasn't filled with hate and loathing. And she would get her fill of him and his glorious body and keep that seared in her mind.


Title: Chairs
Author: Ragna (scandalbaby)
Rating: PG
Fandom(s):Warehouse 13
Characters: Claudia, Myka, Artie, Pete & Leena
Summary: It started with one ugly purple chair and ended with them becoming a family again.
Author's Notes: Written for aim2misbhave, who wanted Claudia, purple and reading. There isn’t much to the reading aspect and it’s more team than just Claudia, but I hope you like it anyway.


When Claudia had dragged in the purple monstrosity into the inn, the garish purple chair that clashed with absolutely everything in the room, no one had raised an eyebrow. This was Claudia, after all, and her taste veered slightly to the left of normal. Leena had been the only one to comment, and her sole comment was to ask if Claudia was sure there would be enough room for the chair. In the end she found that the only way it would fit was if the other chair was gone, and Pete hauled the new chair into the room and took the old one out with nary a complaint.

Ever since Steve had died Claudia had seemed to be more a shadow of herself than usual. Oh, she was still bright and bubbly at times, but a more melancholy tone seemed to settle over her when she didn’t think anyone was paying attention. Pete and Myka and Leena and Artie had been starting to get worried until she brought home the purple chair, and they took it as a sign she was coming back to her old self. And it was true that the melancholy moods seemed less frequent, and for that everyone was grateful. Everyone stopped worrying.

The chair had been in the room for a month when Myka finally asked why she had bought it. “I wanted a comfortable reading chair,” she said with a slight shrug and a grin. “It looks really ugly but it’s probably the most comfortable chair I’ve ever had.” And then she had offered Myka the chance to sit in it. Myka took her up on the offer, and a week later Pete was hauling another garish chair into the inn, this time a bright yellow one, and taking another old chair out.

Myka and Claudia spent a lot of time after that in their rooms, and while it didn’t concern everyone it did intrigue them. Artie demanded to know what was so special about these chairs, and Myka offered to let him sit in hers. Three days later Artie surprised all of them by pushing a turquoise chair into the newly remodeled Warehouse and declaring that it was his chair for when he needed to think. Finally Pete caved and decided to try the chair on his own, so he spent a few hours in Artie’s chair one afternoon when Artie wasn’t around. Claudia and Myka watched his face settle on extremely pleased within ten minutes of being there, and he didn’t even wait until the next day to get a maroon one for his room.

They started spending less time together as a group after work, all going to their rooms to sit in their chairs and do whatever activity suited them best: reading for Claudia and Myka, thinking for Artie, playing video games for Pete. As Pete said, the chair, ugly as it was, felt like a little piece of heaven. But after a while Leena noticed they had all drifted apart. There wasn’t the sense of friendship, of family, that had been there before. So one day while all of them were off on an assignment she did some re-arranging. When they came home all four chairs were in the sitting room, facing each other. “If you’re going to enjoy the chairs you should enjoy them together,” Leena said as they protested.

And in the end they gave up and went to their chairs, and for the first night in a long while they talked and interacted away from work, and that was how the four mismatched chairs ended up in the inn. It was the best thing to happen to all of them since joining the Warehouse, and as the sense of family and friendship returned everyone decided that Leena’s idea had been a good one.