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{ r a g n a r ö k ' s | f i c }
Hi! My name is Ragna, aka scandalbaby, and this is my primary fic journal for stories that are not part of one of my many AUs (those are housed at the communites listed below as Sister Communities). I've been writing fanfic since 1998, when I started writing in the Buffyverse. I have since moved on from that fandom, more or less, but I still love fic writing.

I primarily write Wholock fanfiction, which is a crossover of Doctor Who and Sherlock. I also write both fandoms separately. I am also well known for Bleach fanfiction, though that is at another community. I write the occasional fanfic for Once Upon A Time, Criminal Minds and Eureka as well. Former fandoms include the CSIverse (with a heavy emphasis on CSI: NY), Supernatural, the Buffyverse, Firefly/Serenity, The Mentalist and Castle.

I especially love crossover fics, and have written the following crossovers outside of Wholock: Doctor Who/Criminal Minds, Doctor Who/Once Upon A Time, Doctor Who/Supernatural/Buffyverse, CSIverse crossovers, CSIverse/Buffyverse/Supernatural, CSI/NCIS, CSI: NY/NCIS, CSI: NY/Numb3rs, CSI: NY/House MD, CSI: NY/Stargate Atlantis, CSI: NY/Castle, Heroes/Firefly and Supernatural/Buffyverse. I may write more, depending on prompts and personal inclinations.

Sister Communities: alh_ficapastlove_ficaotas_ficdemon_forensicsnlb_ficallgrownup_ficfmp_ficallsfair_ficsab_fickeepasecret_fichyouhakuzai_fic
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